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Sealed Impressionsby Tera Gebauer


Your Artist – Tera Gebauer


I have been tattooing for about five years. I have a certified educated background in the animal and human medical field. I, myself, have a handful of tattoos that I have done all myself.

I started tattooing as a hobby; however, it has become very enjoyable to work with others to plan out a memorable piece that will be with them forever. I am patient and open minded and work very hard to create the tattoo the person has imagined. I am very blunt and will voice my opinion when I think it is necessary for brainstorming and I ask the same from you.

I am eager to meet you and create your future tattoo with you. I specialize in script/font and tribal pieces; however, I am willing to do most things, except portraits. If I do not feel comfortable with the drawing or idea that you are suggesting I will unfortunately denied your tattoo as I feel that is better than to start a tattoo that I am not comfortable doing and it turning out wrong.

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